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  1. Overview of navigation/functionality - 
    1. SSO from MyPortal
    2. O365 Landing Page
    3. Sites icon
    4. My Sharepoint page
    5. Facilities Team Site icon
    6. Facilities Team Site landing page
    7. Site Contents - 2 libraries, one project workspace template, project workspaces
  2. Site level access settings -
    1. Site Settings ->Site Collection Administrators
    2. Site Settings -> Site Permissions: Members, Owners, Visitors
    3. Difference between member and owner: member cannot create new library, cannot change access settings
    4. How to add users to a group (New employees?), remove users from group (what happens when an emp leaves FHDA?)
  3. Drawing Document Library access settings - click on Drawing Library (from left nav), Library tab, Settings, Library Settings, Permissions for this Doc Library (this library inherits permissions from its parent) - show contents for each group - same as site level permission groups
  4. Template Document Library access settings - same as for Drawing library but note that this library has unique permissions - show contents for each group (owner, member, visitor)
  5. How to use Document Libraries:
    1. how to create folder structure for library
    2. how to upload files into folder
    3. how to share a document
    4. best practice: keep require sign-in checked
    5. how to share with internal staff (non Facilities) -
    6. explain all aspects of the share window - invite people, get a link, shared with, require sign in, email option, access level (edit/view)
    7. who can share what with who
    8. explain Access Sharing page from handout
    9. how to follow the doc to be able to see it in onedrive
  6. How to create a new doc library: site contents -> Add an App -> select doc library -> name it (Training Library e.g.)
  7. How to set up access for new library: 
    1. click on Library tab, Settings, Library Settings, Permissions for this Doc Library (this library inherits permissions from its parent) - show contents for each group - same as site level permission groups
    2. for unique permissions click on stop inheriting permissions
    3. remove existing members, visitors, owners: check the groups and click on remove user permissions
    4. site settings -> people and groups -> groups (left nav) -> new group -> fill out form (need screenshot to show which options to be checked)
    5. go back to training library access settings view
    6. click on grant permissions, start typing group name of newly created group, select permission level from drop-down (full control for owners)
  8. Project workspace template - how to edit 
    1. (new folders/docs in the folder structure)
    2. site settings -> save as template -> give it a new name, and make sure to check include content checkbox
    3. to delete old template: site settings -> go to top level site settings -> solutions -> check the template and click on deactivate and then delete (no issues even if subsite exists based on this old template)
  9. Project Workspace Template access settings
  10. Project Workspace:
    1. how to create a new project (sub)site based on project workspace template
    2. how to set up access
    3. how to invite project members to the site
    4. how to project workspace
    5. how to set up user alerts
  11. Project Workspaces access settings - how to change

For training the rest of Facilities users, we should cover items 1, 5, 10 and 11 from above


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