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(Claire will make 11218399 a member of Facilities Team Site)


MyPortal - Employee tab - O365 channel - SSO - O365 landing page

onedrive -?

word/excel/powerpoint online - saves only on the cloud in OneDrive, can share docs with anyone,can use local workstation's Office applications (word/excel....) to edit, question - how to synch with local workstation?

onenote -?

sites -

Facilities Team Site (promoted by Global Admin to ALL users)

go over access settings - explain diff between owner & member and visitor (ignore restricted reader group)

powerpoint slide(s) to explain sharing at the different access-levels

site contents - 2 doc libraries, and one proj collaboration area template

drawings library - go into the deepest folder in the structure (show the folder structure first) - and then try New, Upload, Synch, Share

template doc library - unique permission set up for template library - 6 people as owner/members and 2 as visitors

project collaboration -

show template first

everybody in facilities will have access and ability 

then show how to create a new project (subsite), how to set up access and other settings for subsite, how project team members can be invited, how they will be notified of any changes to the subsite, how they can 'follow' the subsite in order to see it on their O365 landing page







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