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  1. Log in to O367 with your CWID credentials.
  2. Find the "SharePoint " tile and click.
  3. In the next page, locate the "Create Site" button and click.
  4. On the sliding window that opens up on the right side, select "Team Site".
  5. In the next window the moment you start typing the name other fields will show up.
    1. Site Name: in the next window, choose a name for your site. The moment you start typing the name other fields will show up.
    2. Group email address: it's an email address that will be generated automatically.
    3. Site address: is the URL that will be generated automatically. It can be used to log in to the site directly without the need to log in to O365 first.
    4. Site Description: add a good description of the purpose of creating this site.
    5. Privacy Settings: select your preference of privacy. We would recommend you to chose "Private" since you don't want to share the site with the entire district.
    6. Select Language: select English. Click "Next".
  6. In this window select the people you want to be the members of the site, it could be completed not at this time but later as well:
    1. Add additional owners: owners are the people who manage the site, regarding the site features, determining the other members and define their level of access, etc.
    2. Add members: members are the people who could access the site, upload, read, edit, delete the site content based on their level of access.
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  7. Click "Finish" and site will be created for you.
  8. This is the window that appears after creating the site.
    1. Click on "Following" and make sure the blue star that is sitting next to it turns on. Then it will appear on the Share point landing page, in the list of sites that you follow, which makes it easier to find.
    2. Click on "Member" on the top right to add/edit/delete the members of the site as discussed in step 5.
    3. Click on "Edit" to edit the site layout, use the left side menu that appears when hover over by mouse.
    4. Click on "Site Content" to the left side to add/edit/delete the content of the site based on your preferences.
  9. Click on "Settings" (the gear icon on top right) to find out about a lot more options to manage the site.
    1. Add an app: add any application that O365 offers to your site.
    2. Site content: as discussed in the step 7.
    3. Site information: is where the information that was put in the step 4 could be edited. Also you could delete the entire site from this menu.
    4. Site Permissions: manage the access level of the members and owners.