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  1.  Log on to Office 365 with admin privileges, click on Admin Tile on the landing page, click on Admin/Sharepoint on the left navigation to go to SharePoint admin center.

  2. Click on New and then click on Private Site Collection

  3. Enter information for the new site collection, and then click on OK.

  4. The url for the new site will appear now in the Site Collections panel and click on the new url to bring up the site collection properties pop up window.

  5. Click on Web Site Address which will bring you to the newly created team site

  6. Click on "REMOVE THIS" next to "Get started with your site"

  7. Click on Site Contents from the left navigation, click

  8. Click on "add an app" tile, click on "Tasks" tile, name it "Tasks" and click on "Create"

  9. Click on Discussion Board tile, name it "Discussions" and the click on "Create"
  10. Click on "Home" in the breadcrumb area to get back to the home page of the team site. Now you have Newsfeed and Documents on the home page and Discussions and Tasks on the left navigation under "Recent"

  11. Click on the Gear icon on the top right to bring down the menu and click on Site settings

  12. Click on "Site permissions" under Users and Permissions and click

  13. Click on Access Request Settings under the PERMISSIONS tab to bring up the Access Request Settings pop up. Uncheck the 2nd and 3rd checkboxes and click on OK.

  14. Click on the Owners group to go to the Owners group page, click

  15. Click on "New" and then "Add users to this group" to bring up the Share dialog. Put in the names of the owners. Click on Share.