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Both colleges A&R have brought the following issue to ETS's attention recently.

In MyPortal, multiple failed login attempts result in the following Account Disabled page being displayed:

The above Account Disabled page has a link to “our problem report form” (



But when this above form is completed and submitted ( it results in error - Service Unavailable


Need to locate where all this form link appears and replace the form link with content as follows:

Below the first sentence "We are sorry ..... administrative process" (leave this first sentence as-is), replace all the content with the following:


Foothill College: submit a MyPortal reset request form ( ) along with a picture of your photo ID using the Admissions & Records Help Form ( ). You may also come in person to Admissions and Records in Room 8101 with a photo ID.
De Anza College: Please submit the A&R Help form at"


Note: Leave the very last line with the link to return to MyPortal login page - as-is


Internal Notes for ETS implementation team:

Likely location of the above page's code:


Search for pages with following messages (according to Matt, search in the same folder as above) as these may be the ones that have the form link


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