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Purpose: To implement Office 365 in pilot-mode for Facilities department in FHDA District Central Services.


Facilities department has a huge volume of paper documents that need secure storage with ease of access as required. These documents include - floor plans, drawings for all buildings, templates for project documentation

The department also has a heavy footprint of projects and need a site that could enable collaboration among all the key members of the project team

To meet the above requirements -

A "team site" will be created and configured with the following deliverables:

  • Document repository for 'as-built' and 'record' documents - Drawings
    Drawings to be organized by location (De Anza College, Foothill College, Central Services, Middlefield, Education Center), and within each location, by Building
    Drawings to be accessible ONLY to Facilities staff
  • Template repository with access limited to certain members of the Facilities team (as designated by the department) who would be the only ones authorized to make changes to the Project Template documents (read+write access). Others in the Facilities department that need to use these templates for new projects would be given read-only access to this repository

Project Work area template to be set up based on sample project folder structure (see zip attached: Filing with the following basic functionality -

  • Ability for ALL members of Facilities staff to create a new project workspace, invite and grant access to project team members (FHDA district staff and/or outside entities)
  • Project team members should be able to upload/download project-related documents to/from this workspace
  • Project team members should be able to enter comments (instead of corresponding with each other via email etc)
  • Project team members will be notified of any updates via email
  • Ability to generate a 'To-Do List'

[Each time a new project is initiated, the respective project leader/manager/initiator (ANY member of Facilities staff) should be able to use the above project work area template to start a new project work area]

Also, as part of this pilot implementation for Facilities department -

  • Each member of Facilities staff will be set up with a private (accessible to only him/herself), secure file storage location via OneDrive
  • MS Office suite on the Cloud (O365) will be accessible to Facilities staff, configured with necessary features such as synchronization of content between their local desktop content and that on OneDrive
  • Training will be provided to Facilities staff as well ETS Trainers on how to use Team Site (document upload/download, organization, sharing, project workspace, OneDrive, Office suite)
  • Office 365 access will be provided to Facilities staff via channel/link in MyPortal with single-signon connectivity with Office 365 (user once logged in to MyPortal, should be able to click on the link and be taken seamlessly into Office 365 without having to enter login credentials again)
  • Landing page of Office 365 will be customized for FHDA - TBD
  • For the pilot implementation, only the following members of Facilities staff will be provisioned access to Office 365:
    Art Heinrich
    Tom Armstrong
    Jennifer Mahato
    Roseanne Sciacchitano
    Susan Boraston
    Steve Kitchen



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  1. May want to add the following:


    1. Features can be turn on or off out of box, first day go live from O365 (blog, social media, Newsfeed) - this is scope review with consultant.
    2. Access to mail and calendar on premise from the Office 365 tenant.
    3. Custom design of the O365 landing page, add/remove not-used buttons.