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How to access Office 365


Log in to MyPortal, click on the Employee tab, click on the Launch Office 365 link, as shown below:



You should now be automatically logged in to Office 365 which opens up in a separate tab in the browser.


Click a program tile to:

  • Create and share Office documents (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, or OneNote Online)

  • Store, open, and share online files (OneDrive)

The documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notebooks you create in the Office Online programs are stored in your OneDrive. You can share them and work on them with other people. In the Office Online programs, you can work together at the same time and see each other’s changes immediately.

You can also open these online documents in the Office programs you have installed on your computer, and work on them while they’re stored in your OneDrive.

Office Online runs in your web browser. There’s nothing to download or install.

Open existing documents such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents, or create new ones in your browser so you can work on the same document at any time and on any device.

Save your documents to the cloud and continue to access it from your device so you can update it, add comments, and share with colleagues.

Office Online is your Office in the cloud. View your documents, and even PDFs, in your browser or make quick changes in the online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


How to access Office 365 outside of MyPortal (when needed)

In the following scenarios, you may need to access Office 365 outside of MyPortal:

  • to access an Office 365 file shared with you via link in email
  • when you open an Office 365 file using local desktop Office applications (Word/Excel/Powerpoint)
  • when you access Office 365 apps on a mobile device


NOTEOn any Office 365 SIGN-IN page -

  • For first-time login, for user name - please enter <your 8-digit CWID> e.g. as follows
    (You will NOT need to enter a password on this sign-in page)

  • For subsequent login, please click on <your 8-digit CWID> e.g. as follows

Next, you will be directed to the FHDA sign-in page and on this page please enter -

<your 8-digit-CWID> e.g. 11111111

password: <same as your password for MyPortal>


Office on the go with Office Online

When Office documents are stored in OneDrive for Business or other Office 365 libraries, you can create, view, and edit them in a browser using Office Online.

  1. Sign in to Office 365
  2. Choose an app, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote.
  3. Choose a template and begin working on your file.
  4. Your file is saved automatically to your OneDrive for Business library. There is NO Save menu option! That is because the document is being automatically saved, constantly.
  5. The default file name used by the Office Online's auto-save feature is 'Document1', 'Document2' etc. To specify a different name for your file, either of the following methods will work:
    1. highlight the default file name at the top title bar section of the file, and type in the desired file name, as follows -

    2. choose File > Save As > Rename.



Create and save files in OneDrive

You can also create Office documents inside your OneDrive for Business library.

  1. At the top of the page, select  and then select OneDrive. 
  2. Select New Document, and then choose the type of document you want to create.
  3. When you create, open, or edit a document in OneDrive for Business, it's automatically saved to the same location. You can now access this file from any device.


Additional Resources are Available ....

To learn more, visit the Office 365 Learning Center


How to backup files to OneDrive

To transfer files from your local desktop to the OneDrive in the cloud -

In OneDrive, click on New -> New Folder, name the folder as desired



Go to the newly created folder, by clicking on it

Click on the Upload button and browse to the folder on your desktop and select one or more (up to 100) files, OR drag & drop from the local folder to OneDrive


Either method used - you may transfer a max of 100 files at a time

Note: You cannot upload folders or empty files; in order to upload an entire folder, select all files in it, and drag & drop into OneDrive (up to a max of 100 files at a time)


Sharing, Collaborating with Office 365

How to Share Documents or Folders


How to use Newsfeed

Office 365 mobile setup - Help

iOS device - iPhone or iPad setup

Android Phone or Tablet set up

Windows Phone or Windows 10 device setup

Office Online on Mobile devices

How Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote apps work on Android or iOS devices


Logging Out - Best Practice

To end your Office 365 web session, please sign out as follows, and also, as a best practice, to be completely secure, please close the browser window (on a Mac, please QUIT the browser),

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